Introduction to Wall Beds

When buying furniture for a small apartment, wall beds are one of the best and most useful gifts you can give yourself to save space and offer a cozy small bed in your living room or your bedroom. Some people assume wall beds are only for students or young people living in a tiny bachelor’s flat, this is clearly not the case!

Wall beds are now becoming a popular choice for both large and small households, they offer many benefits for couples and families looking for a unique look, and modern furniture.

Top 3 Benefits of Having a Wall Bed at Home

1. Save more space

Whether you have your own full bed and just looking for an extra bed for the guests, or you are looking for a wall bed as the primary bed in your home, one fact remains the same. Wall beds are perfect when it comes to saving more space and blending a mix of a great sofa and a bed. So if you have a relatively small living room or bedroom, getting your own wall bed can be the perfect solution.

2. Offer a comfortable place for friends when they want to sleep over at your place

You know how it happens when sometimes after a long night of partying with friends (plus a few drinks) no one is in the right condition to drive back home. So having a wall bed that looks like a couch and can be nicely turned into a comfortable bed is a fantastic option to make your friends feel at home for the night.

3. Have fun having a Couchsurfing guest over

You might heard of the famous international website, Couchsurfing, where you can make friends with other travelers from all around the world and offer them your couch to stay over for the night. This is a fun exciting way to meet interesting people from all around the world and entertain yourself with their travel stories. So by having a simple wall bed at home, you can enjoy having your Couchsurfing guests stay over on a space-saving, comfortable bed.

Where Can You Find the Best Wall Bed Designs?

When shopping for a nice and comfortable wall bed, it is a good idea to compare various designs and prices to choose the best design that matches your interior design at an affordable price. Of course you can browse our beds here! You can also check out the nearest IKEA branch in your city, or visit wall bed galleries online to find great design ideas.

You can usually find many various designs in smaller or larger sizes and many variety of colors. Based on the color your interior design follows, you can choose a matching color that fits your living room or bedroom the best. Wall beds come in various sizes as well. You can choose between a small single-person bed or a queen size wall bed where two people can sleep on.